16 May 2011

Lego goes large...

Lego: Goes Large

Surely the kid inside all of us loves a bit of Lego now and then? Well these campaign mock ups by the Access Agency are right up me and my inner-kid’s street (hmm, that made sense in my head). In fact for many creatives it’s not just the inner child that loves Lego, but the outer adult too, with Lego being used to create incredible animations, accessories and campaigns.
The Access Agency says: “In our version of street-level Lego promotion, we envision building massive Lego sculptures — creations so big that they cannot go unnoticed. Lego is a brand that can get away with this kind of in-your-face stunt as the goodwill and positive attitudes allow consumers to see it all in a fun light.”
Have to say I agree. I’d love to see a giant Lego man completed by Arc de Triomphe legs, or a Lego Darth Vader using his lightsaber as a car park barrier. Brilliant!

Found via The Cool Hunter


  1. A world of Lego would truly be something beautiful (some sort of Lego 'land', maybe? With goats... It'll never happen)

  2. This such an amazing idea! I really hope they do it, even though I was never a major lego fan, but imagine giant barbies haha, that just wouldn't work! I would love to see that colourful brige, just am not too sure it could take all the pressure of the cars!

  3. Haha giant Barbies would be all kinds of awesome. They could hold up bridges or something? Or have one looking like it's pushing the Leaning Tower of Pisa over. Haha.

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