30 Apr 2011


Tropical Explosion
1: Tropical necklace - RachelleD (£20)
2: Hand-blown glass Flamingo ornament - Dwell (£39.95) 
3: Pineapple and Welcome to Paradise cushions - Dwell (£24.95 each)
4: Miss Trish of Capri gold fish flip flops - Net-a-Porter (£40) 
5: 'WestCoast Wave' vase - WestCoastGlass (£59)
6: Seahorse print - NicoleFitzGibbon (£23)
7: Shell bowl - Claylicious (£24)

Lily says: After our recent heatwave here in the UK, I was left with a thirst for all things tropical and went on a tresure hunt for a special, mixed Finds post! Above are some of the treats I unearthed on my quest. I love the hand-blown glass Flamingo (2) to bits and am seeing how long I can go before I inevitably buckle and buy one. Also adore the WestCoast Wave vase (5) which looks like it shows a mountinous tropical island poking out of a bright blue sea - perfect! I also urge you to click on the link for the Miss Trish flip flops (4) as they deserve an up-close look to see just how sweet the little, bejewelled fish attached to the thong are. Now, where's my grass skirt? I'm off to hula around the garden...

What items make you feel tropical when the sun is shining?


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