5 Apr 2011

Living with bitchface

Kris Atomic: Oh so true illustration
I absolutely love Kris Atomic's blog - it's been a regular read of mine for years now and her stunning illustrations and gorgeous photography make me weak at the knees! If you haven't come across her website already, be sure to check it out as I promise it will do nothing but enhance your internet-browsing life!
As for this illustration - I'm sure plenty of us and identify with its message! I've had random people tell me to "cheer up" when I'm perfectly happy and content but just not thinking about what my face is doing. It's so annoying! So this illustration did tickle me.



  1. that is hilarious!

  2. Oh my god, that totally happens to me all the time - so annoying!! It's not that I'm unhappy or a bitch, it's just my regular expression :)
    Fun drawings, will check out her site!


  3. Haha yes it's such a spot on illustration! Glad you both found it as funny as I did :D I was just so happy to know I'm not the only one who suffers this! Lol x


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