1 Apr 2011

Found for Zsara...

Found for: Zsara - Maple Leaf Necklace
The challenge: Earlier this week Zsara Louise, who maintains the beautiful blog Zsara Loves, set Lily in the Labyrinth the challenge of tracking down a necklace for her: "My teacher had a bronze maple leaf necklace on a tan leather strap. I have been looking for one for years but not found it!"
I set to work scouring the Internet for something that matched her description and here I present you with some of the nicest pieces I found - including what I think is a pretty good match (image number 2 - a bronze maple leaf on a tan leather strap). The others might not be perfect matches but play with the maple leaf theme and could easily be strung on a tan leather strap. See what you think...
1: Smoky Sugar maple leaf necklace in silver - £25
2: CLOSEST: Bronze maple leaf pendant with Swarovski crystal on leather necklace - £20.80
3: Real Japanese maple leaf necklace in copper - £16
4: Real full-moon maple leaf necklace in 14kt gold Bronze- £16
5: Brass maple leaf necklace - £12
6: Bronze maple leaf choker - £96

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