30 Apr 2011


Tropical Explosion
1: Tropical necklace - RachelleD (£20)
2: Hand-blown glass Flamingo ornament - Dwell (£39.95) 
3: Pineapple and Welcome to Paradise cushions - Dwell (£24.95 each)
4: Miss Trish of Capri gold fish flip flops - Net-a-Porter (£40) 
5: 'WestCoast Wave' vase - WestCoastGlass (£59)
6: Seahorse print - NicoleFitzGibbon (£23)
7: Shell bowl - Claylicious (£24)

Lily says: After our recent heatwave here in the UK, I was left with a thirst for all things tropical and went on a tresure hunt for a special, mixed Finds post! Above are some of the treats I unearthed on my quest. I love the hand-blown glass Flamingo (2) to bits and am seeing how long I can go before I inevitably buckle and buy one. Also adore the WestCoast Wave vase (5) which looks like it shows a mountinous tropical island poking out of a bright blue sea - perfect! I also urge you to click on the link for the Miss Trish flip flops (4) as they deserve an up-close look to see just how sweet the little, bejewelled fish attached to the thong are. Now, where's my grass skirt? I'm off to hula around the garden...

What items make you feel tropical when the sun is shining?


28 Apr 2011

Regal Fever...

Royal Wedding: Royal Roundup!
1: Official commemorative mug - John Lewis - £20
2: Facebook status mug - John Lewis - £12
3: Silhouette mug - HouseThatLarsBuilt - £8
4: Maria Dahlgren Westminder Abbey tea towel - Liberty - £13.95
5: Kate Loves Willy tea towel - WhoDidThis - £10
6: Royal Rumble tea towel - Luke James
7: Westminster Abbey tea towel - Helena Carrington - £12.50
8: William and Kate, London print - TaylorsType - £12.50
9: Emma Bridgewater tea towel - Liberty - £12.50
10: Commemorative plate - Rob Ryan - £75
11: Westminster Heart print - GlynWestDesigns - £25

Lily says: Are you having a street party to celebrate the Royal Wedding? No, me neither. In fact, here in the Labyrinth we're getting a little bit sick of all the media coverage of this event. Still, events like these are rare beasts and us Brits do seem to relish the chance to stock up on commemorative mugs and tea towels! So we figured we'd go along with the age-old adage of "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em!" and present a royal roundup of some of the most quirky / un-tacky regal-fever finds we've come across. Yes it's a little late to go on a spending spree, but why not just enjoy browsing the collective creativeness this event has inspired.
Ps. Cheers William and Kate for the free day off!

Are you doing anything to celebrate the Royal Wedding?


27 Apr 2011

The eyes have it...

Suren Manvelyan: Your Beautiful Eyes
(Photos: Suren Manvelyan / Found via: StatedMag)

If you balk at the prospect of anything to do with getting up close and personal with eyeballs, then this post might not be for you. However I couldn't resist sharing this stunning photography project from Armenian photographer and PhD-holder Suren Manvelyan. These macro shots of the human eye are stunning both from scientific and artistic point of views - fitting considering Suren works as a scientific researcher and photographer. In some shots the iris looks like some kind of galaxy about to be sucked into a black hole; in others an electrical storm whirling around the black void. As I said, stunning work! Take a look at more of Suren's work over on Behance


26 Apr 2011

Let England Shake...

PJ Harvey: Let England Shake
With all eyes focused on England this week thanks to the Royal Wedding why not embrace the current trend for all things British, treat your ears, stick PJ Harvey's latest album on loud and, quite literally, let England shake (see what I did there?). With Polly Jean appearing live on Jools Holland later tonight (10pm, BBC2), what better time to delve into her latest album if you haven't already. Lily loves a bit of PJ Harvey!  

21 Apr 2011

Goodbye Sarah Jane Smith...

Elisabeth Sladen: 1948 - 2011
 (Above: Sladen's Sarah Jane Smith with various Doctors -Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, David Tennant and Matt Smith. Photos: Radio Times)

Our Sarah Jane Smith...
It was with great sadness and shock that I learned of the death of actress Elisabeth Sladen earlier this week after a long battle with cancer. My family have been Doctor Who nuts since the programme first started back in the 60s and Sladen’s character of Sarah Jane Smith was without doubt a firm favourite of theirs, and more recently mine. My mum in particular loved Sladen/Sarah Jane as she was her era's Companion - even hailing Sarah Jane as a style icon of hers.
Sladen's Sarah Jane, a journalist, was renowned for being stronger than many of the other Companions - which I'm sure goes a long way to explain the lasting popularity of the character. Sarah Jane first joined Doctor Who back in 1973 when the show was still broadcast in black and white. After helping Jon Pertwee's Doctor, Sladen continued her adventures with Tom Baker and tin dog K9 before stepping out of the TARDIS for the last time in 1976 (or so she thought...). In recent years, as Sladen returned to the show and even starred in her own highly successful spin off series, the Sarah Jane Adventures, she picked up an army of new, young fans as the show became one of childrens television's most successful programmes for years. Indeed, CBBC's Newsround reported it's biggest ever response from young viewers to a news story upon the announcement of her death this week - a telling sign of just how loved this kind, corageous actress and true sci-fi ledgend really was.
Below are some photos I took of Elisabeth Sladen's costumes at the Doctor Who Experience (see this post for more costumes) along with some archive images of Sarah Jane in action and of course, how could I not include an image of her beloved friend, K9...
(Costume photos: Lily in the Labyrinth / Official photos: Radio Times)

19 Apr 2011

We never had a heart to heart...

Great for: having a dance
I absolutely love After Dark from the Count & Sinden featuring the magnificent Mystery Jets. It's perfect for getting in the mood to go out dancing on a Saturday night and perks me up everytime I hear it. Have a listen and see what you think!
(The track is from the album Mega Mega Mega, Domino Records.)


18 Apr 2011

Spring in your step...

Expert collaboration: Nike & Liberty

Launched at the start of April, the Nike & Liberty collaboration features a range of Nike trainers (Hi-Dunks, Mid-Dunks and Air Force 1s) oozing that timeless Liberty of London style. They would look super cute with jeans and a summery top or perhaps just with a little summer dress. I'm not a trainer person but even I am feeling a little weak at the purse stings over this collection. Prices range from £72 to £78 which is surprisingly affordable for such a brilliant design collaboration. See/buy the collection here.

Do you like the Nike & Liberty collaboration?


16 Apr 2011

Penguin threads...

Embroidered book covers: Jillian Tamaki
Jillian Tamaki's hand-embroidered covers for the Penguin Deluxe Classics "Penguin Threads" range melt my heart! The artist was commisioned by Penguin to create three covers for classic books: Jane Austen's Emma, Anna Sewll's Black Beauty and Frances Hodgson Burnett's Secret Garden (click each book title to view a full size image of Jillian's cover, front and back!). These gorgeous editions are out in October 2011, but if you can't wait until then be sure to check out Jillian's blog post on the process she went through in making the covers.

Which classic book cover would you like to see given the embroidered treatment?


15 Apr 2011

Tarty tulips...

Tulips: Who knew??
Above: Photos I took in the tulip red light district (aka the flower boarder).
Last weekend we had a mini Spring heatwave here in the UK with temperatures reaching as high as 24° in some parts of the country - which is almost unheard of at this time of year. Of course, at the first sign of the sun we were all out in our sandals, summer dresses, vest tops and shorts - well, we have to take every oportunity we get, that might be the most sun we get this year!
Other than the unexpected burst of Summer in Spring-time, what surprised me the most was how our little tulips responded to the heat and light. I knew tulips wilted at night and revived again when the light returned, but until now I was completely unaware just what utter light-tarts they were! I stepped out into the garden and BAM, the tulips were wide open, laying it all on a plate for the sun.
Who knew they could burst open so wide?! Later, as the sun disappeared behind the trees, the flowers returned to their typical closed tulip state. But their display left me feeling strangely more fond of the little flowers... like us Brits, they take the sun when they can get it, and their constant state changes depending on the light is a perfect reminder that flowers are actually living things. Roll on summer!


14 Apr 2011

Turn it to 11 and sit on it!

Bean bags: but not as you know them...
These drop dead cool bean bags and cushions come from innovative Barcelona-based design studio Woouf. Established in 2008 by Paublo Martinez, Woouf makes exclusive and avant-garde bean bags, cushions and foam furniture which would make great pieces of "usable art" placed in your home. Here I've showcased the musician range. In the right setting - the quirky little recording studio, the independent, music-loving bar - I think they'd look amazing!

What do you think?


13 Apr 2011

Tribal treats...

Show your colours: Tribe inspired necklaces 
1: Davis necklace - textiles and leather. Orange is the Sun (£15)
2: Cota necklace. Dannijo (£610)
3: Beaded Queen colourful collar. TheNile (£5)
4: Ethno Teknik necklace. Tom Binns (£1,705)
5: Battle necklace - leather and coral. I Heart Norwegian Wood (£94)
6: Modern tribal leather necklace. Maslinda (£35)
7: Herringbone bead necklace. Isabel Marant (£265)
8: Crochet Masai-inspired neck wear. Zzag (£38)
9: Climbing rope necklace. Proenza Schouler (£450)

Which of these is your favourite?


7 Apr 2011

April showers...

Drip drip drip: April showers
1: Rain gocco print - JuliaBe (£12.70)
2: Singin' In The Rain poster - The Art of Adam Juresko (£12.70)
3: One of Those Days print - AshleyG (£12.70)
4: Mademoiselle Under the Rain print - Blancucha

NB: I am currently away in Germany with work but will reply to and comments as soon as I get back.

5 Apr 2011

Living with bitchface

Kris Atomic: Oh so true illustration
I absolutely love Kris Atomic's blog - it's been a regular read of mine for years now and her stunning illustrations and gorgeous photography make me weak at the knees! If you haven't come across her website already, be sure to check it out as I promise it will do nothing but enhance your internet-browsing life!
As for this illustration - I'm sure plenty of us and identify with its message! I've had random people tell me to "cheer up" when I'm perfectly happy and content but just not thinking about what my face is doing. It's so annoying! So this illustration did tickle me.


4 Apr 2011

Put your stamp on it...

Themed finds: Postage Stamps
1: Postage stamp garland in blue - Donovan's (£19)
2: Vintage postage stamps turned into badges - Fab Pins (£4.47)
3: Stamp cushions by Catherine Hammerton (£60 each)
4: Bone china first class mug - Rocking Pony (£9.99)
5: "Sealed with a Kiss" - stamped antique envelope turned into art - Amy Rice (£38)
6: Postage stamp rug - available in a variety of colours - StampRugs.com
7: First class cushion - Karen Hilton Designs (£38)
8: Colourful stamp pouffe - Rocking Pony (£269)
9: Stamp-covered oven gloves - Rocking Pony (£9.99)

Which of these stamp-related items is your favourite?


2 Apr 2011

The pecking order...

Scandinavian Design: Glass Birds
How perfect are these Oiva Toikka glass birds? Available from Cloudberry Living - a brilliant website specialising in gifts and home accessories from Scandanavia. 

More info: "The Iittala Birds collection was created by Oiva Toikka, an internationally renowned artist and one of the greatest names in Finnish glass. His imagination and Iittala’s skilled Finnish glassblowers have created these magical glass birds for over 30 years. All of the Toikka birds are highly collectable, individually made, mouth-blown pieces of art." - Perfect!


1 Apr 2011

Found for Zsara...

Found for: Zsara - Maple Leaf Necklace
The challenge: Earlier this week Zsara Louise, who maintains the beautiful blog Zsara Loves, set Lily in the Labyrinth the challenge of tracking down a necklace for her: "My teacher had a bronze maple leaf necklace on a tan leather strap. I have been looking for one for years but not found it!"
I set to work scouring the Internet for something that matched her description and here I present you with some of the nicest pieces I found - including what I think is a pretty good match (image number 2 - a bronze maple leaf on a tan leather strap). The others might not be perfect matches but play with the maple leaf theme and could easily be strung on a tan leather strap. See what you think...
1: Smoky Sugar maple leaf necklace in silver - £25
2: CLOSEST: Bronze maple leaf pendant with Swarovski crystal on leather necklace - £20.80
3: Real Japanese maple leaf necklace in copper - £16
4: Real full-moon maple leaf necklace in 14kt gold Bronze- £16
5: Brass maple leaf necklace - £12
6: Bronze maple leaf choker - £96

Let Lily help you in your quest for that perfect item of jewellery, homeware or art. Tweet me or comment on this post and your challenge may feature as a FINDS post!

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