10 Mar 2011

Very vintage...

Wardrobe: Vintage Dresses from the 1950s
1: 1950s sunshine yellow watercolour dress
2: 1950s marigold Hawaiian fitted dress
3: 1950s green watercolour floral dress
4: 1950s sapphire blue starlet dress
5: 1950s Suzy Perette metallic-gold and black dress
6: 1950s black flocked floral dress

All of these stunning vintage dresses come from Timeless Vixen Vintage and can be picked up for a couple of hundred pounds - not bad for a true piece of fashion history considering how much you would pay for a modern designer item heavilly inspired by these kinds of figure-flattering dresses!
What do you think think of these dresses? Do you love to wear true-vintage? I'd love to know!


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