12 Mar 2011

Top tea towels...

Homewear: Tiptop Tea Towels
1: Naughty but Nice – Charlotte Farmer (here)
2: Mermaid tea towel – Lucie Sheridan (here)
3: Corgi Royal Wedding - Gemma Correll (here)
4: Doves - Sara Berner (here)
5: Storm in a Tea Cup - Hello Wilson (here)
6: The Pantry - Louise Fougstedt (here
7: Tea Rex - Jay Jay Burridge (here)
8: London Calling - Michelle Mason (here)
9: Use My Beehive - Donna Wilson (here)

What's the most common owl? The teat'owl (geddit? the teat-owl...tea towel...ah, hope you re-enforced your sides before you read that or they might have split.) For lovers of quirky tea towels, To Dry For - another web shop with an amazing name - should be right up your street. Most of the above can be found there, but check individual links for more info.



  1. That's a nifty site, thanks! The T-rex is my favourite.

    More tea-related blogs, please! :P


  2. Thanks :) The Tea-Rex is pretty cool isn't he!


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