28 Mar 2011

The sunshine fox...

A snapshot of: the friendly fox
Now that Spring is in the air, this young fox can often be seen outside our office stretched out in the sunshine, relaxing. Last week he (or she, who knows?) came right up to the back of the office and even let us feed him some water and scraps. I know a lot of people are fox haters, but I kind of like them. So there. This one has a gorgeous orange mane and seems quite tame. Apparently foxes like to curl up in the sun at this time of year and use the time to rest up ahead of night fall.

Are you a fox hater or a fox fan?



  1. Aww! I love foxes, we have a few that hang out at the bottom of our garden. Can't believe how tame this one is!


  2. Yay! Glad you're a fox fan! :) x


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