26 Mar 2011

Do you Pixiwoo?

Skin Deep: Beauty Bloggers Forum
Above from left: Tanya Burr, Ruth Crilly, Samantha Chapman and Nicola Champman
On my Tuesday lunchbreak I popped into the Ideal Home Show at Earls Court for no other reason but to watch a forum with some of my favourite beauty bloggers, the makeup artists and YouTube favourites Samantha and Nicola Chapman, Tanya Burr and model Ruth Crilly. It was great to see these big names of the beauty blogging world in real life and hear them answering questions from the floor.
I've watched Sam and Nic's Pixiwoo YT channel since Sam first started it a few years ago when she was heavilly pregnant. Since then, the channel, which shows viewers step by step how to create flawless makeup looks, has snowballed, picking up millions of hits/followers the world over. Next came Tanya's channel, Pixi2woo, catering for younger viewers and dispensing really useful skincare and product advice. Most recently I came across A Model Recommends, Ruth Crilly's channel on which she gives amusing and interesting insights into the life of a working model along with skin and hair care advice.  
So big is the following of these channels, that recently, when buying a particular Pixiwoo-recommended moisturser in my local Boots, the girl behind the counter tentatively asked: "Do you watch You Tube?" I replied: "Pixiwoo?" To which she grinned: "Pixiwoooo." It felt like a secret hand shake opening up a whole world of conversation with a complete stranger.
 If you feel stuck in a makeup rut or just fancy trying some new looks for your Saturday night out, be sure to take a peek at the above links. I must admit, even though I'm sure a great number of you are already aware of these channels, it feels a bit like I'm exposing my biggest beauty secret to you all! Haha.


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