31 Mar 2011

That was March...

A Month In: Purchases

In March I bought: Gorgeous bird-print summer dress; Amazing Chanel-esque jacket from Whistles; Pretty, light grey dress from French Connection; Soft and snug blush-coloured cardigan from New Look; A very Proenza Schouler inspired, real suede satchel from Topshop; Avon's handy neutral eyeshadow palette; Tan suede moccasin loafers; Amazingly comfortable, simple and versitle black wedges from New Look; A re-purchase of a wardrobe staple of mine - Topshop's classic ballet flats; A reading challenge - Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights; MAC's limited edition Wonder Woman lipstick in Marquis'd. 

Let me explain: As you can probably tell, this month I was hit by the feeling of "I hate everything in my wardrobe" which usually falls upon me as we transcend from one season to another and I get tired of wearing the same old outfits I've been wearing for an entire season. So, in March I tried to do something about it - I've bought pieces that can be mixed and matched with items I already own to give them a new lease of life! What do you think? Now, however, I really must try and not open my wallet for the whole of April. Hmm, this could be tricky!

Did you treat yourself to anything this March?


30 Mar 2011

Pretty and practical...

Pretty and Practical: Cosmetic & MakeUp Bags

1: Mulberry "Woodland" pouch - £85
2: Wild Wolf "Keep Sake" wash bag - £14.95
3: Moomin "Flora" wash bag - £16
4: Waldo Pancake "Contents: My Face" makeup bag - £7.95
5: Rob Ryan large cosmetic bag - £17.95
6: Elf wristlet pouch - £5 - Great value and so useful!
7: MakeUp Forever "Danys Pouch" portable brush pot - £21.50
8: Orla Kiely "Apple a Day" wash bag - £87
9: Paul & Joe "Wild Flowers" cosmetic bags - £25
10: Artbox "Flying Panda" travel pouch set - £5.50
11: Ladybird Books "Travel Adventure" cosmetic bag - £14.95
12: Frost-French bow detail clip frame wash bag - £10.50 (sale price!)
13: MAC WonderWoman "Bullet Proof" makeup bag - £20.50
14: Juicy Couture "Eyelashes" makeup bag - £50

How do you store your makeup when you're on the go?


28 Mar 2011

The sunshine fox...

A snapshot of: the friendly fox
Now that Spring is in the air, this young fox can often be seen outside our office stretched out in the sunshine, relaxing. Last week he (or she, who knows?) came right up to the back of the office and even let us feed him some water and scraps. I know a lot of people are fox haters, but I kind of like them. So there. This one has a gorgeous orange mane and seems quite tame. Apparently foxes like to curl up in the sun at this time of year and use the time to rest up ahead of night fall.

Are you a fox hater or a fox fan?


26 Mar 2011

Do you Pixiwoo?

Skin Deep: Beauty Bloggers Forum
Above from left: Tanya Burr, Ruth Crilly, Samantha Chapman and Nicola Champman
On my Tuesday lunchbreak I popped into the Ideal Home Show at Earls Court for no other reason but to watch a forum with some of my favourite beauty bloggers, the makeup artists and YouTube favourites Samantha and Nicola Chapman, Tanya Burr and model Ruth Crilly. It was great to see these big names of the beauty blogging world in real life and hear them answering questions from the floor.
I've watched Sam and Nic's Pixiwoo YT channel since Sam first started it a few years ago when she was heavilly pregnant. Since then, the channel, which shows viewers step by step how to create flawless makeup looks, has snowballed, picking up millions of hits/followers the world over. Next came Tanya's channel, Pixi2woo, catering for younger viewers and dispensing really useful skincare and product advice. Most recently I came across A Model Recommends, Ruth Crilly's channel on which she gives amusing and interesting insights into the life of a working model along with skin and hair care advice.  
So big is the following of these channels, that recently, when buying a particular Pixiwoo-recommended moisturser in my local Boots, the girl behind the counter tentatively asked: "Do you watch You Tube?" I replied: "Pixiwoo?" To which she grinned: "Pixiwoooo." It felt like a secret hand shake opening up a whole world of conversation with a complete stranger.
 If you feel stuck in a makeup rut or just fancy trying some new looks for your Saturday night out, be sure to take a peek at the above links. I must admit, even though I'm sure a great number of you are already aware of these channels, it feels a bit like I'm exposing my biggest beauty secret to you all! Haha.


25 Mar 2011

I rest my case...

iPicks: iPhone Cases
1: Cath Kidston spray of flowers iPhone case - £24.95
2: Leather seagull iPhone case - from Beautiful Skin - £28
3: Almond Branches iPhone 4 skin from Gelaskins - £10.99
4: Personalised leather iPhone case - TinderBloom - £21
5: Stiched iPhone case - Latelierdeluluu - £24
6: Burberry raspberry iPhone 4 case - Net a Porter - £135
7: Marc by Marc Jacobs save the birds iPhone case
8: Cath Kidston London iPhone 4 case - £24.95
9: Animal black floral iPhone skin - £24.99
10: Turquoise leather iPhone case - Landmarks and Lions - £21
11: Wooden iPhone case in white oak - Substrata - £50


24 Mar 2011

Pretty plates...

Homewear: Fancy Plates
1: Francophile dinner plate £24
2: On Safari salad plate £10
3: Natural World, bee dessert plate £16
4: Cool Brittania dinnerwear range. From £5.75
5: Pink and Blue art-plate. £60
6: Natural World, bugs dessert plate £16
7: Sandwich Defender plate £18
8: Jewels of the Sea dessert plate £8
9: Flights and Fancy side plate
10: Rob Ryan ceramic plate £20
11: Camembert set of 4 cheese and biscuit plates £26
12: Wedgwood, Jasper Conran - Chinoiserie Green plate £32


23 Mar 2011

Inspired by art...

National Portrait Gallery: The Bronte Sisters
On a recent trip to the National Portrait Gallery I unexpectedly fell in love with the above portrait of Emily Bronte (c.1833). After browsing the famous Hans Holbein Tudor portraits I'd wanted to see for a very long time, we came to a room mostly full of portraits of stern-looking men in stiff collars. Amongst these fine figures from Victorian England, two battered, damaged portraits (as tucked in a corner as they could be in a gleaming art gallery) caught my eye. One depicted a group of three female sitters (below), the other, as you can see above, featured a lone female sitter, her ice-white face popping out of the gloomy darkness of the background. I walked over to them and, without noticing the information card, leant in close to the glass to take in every detail of these strangely dark portraits and, though cracked and marked by folds and scuffs, I thought they were rather perfect. I like the simple lines, the long curve of Emily's neck, the gloom of the backgrounds and the simplistic representations of their faces - compared with all the masterpieces in the room, I found them refreshingly 'real'. 
It was only when my eye eventually turned to the information cards and I discovered these portraits were of the Bronte Sisters - Charlotte, Emily and Anne (c.1834), with the solo sitter being Emily Bronte - author of Wuthering Heights.
Other than knowing the Bronte Sisters had been incredibly talented writers, I'd never had cause to find out anything more about them, but, inspired by the portraits - painted by their brother Patrick "Branwell" Bronte - I decided to do some research and now am fully enthrawled by the tragic stories of their short, yet incredibly significant lives.
I won't go into all the details of their lives here, if you would like to find out more try good old Wikipedia as a first stop or the Bronte Parsonage Museum's website. I just had to say how much I loved the portraits and how art had inspired me to do further research and now, after years of thinking I probably should read it, I have finally started to read Wuthering Heights. (Although, I must admit, every time the moors are described, my imagination pencils in a little Kate Bush dressed in red dancing wildly in the background.) 

Has a portrait or a piece of art ever grabbed you and drawn you into it's world like these pieces did to me? I'd love to know.

21 Mar 2011

Work from home...

Themed finds: Vintage Office Accessorise
1: 1940s toy telephone - TheFancyLamb (£35)
2: Tommy desk lamp - Habitat (£10)
3: Globe - BellaLulu (£26)
4: Vintage stapler - LillieFaith (£22)
5: Vintage Russian alarm clock - ClockworkUniverse
6: Vintage scotty dog ink blotter - RattyAndCatty (£21)
7: Restored 1930s colour-code typewriters - JoeVintage
8: Vintage cubby office organiser - BlueBonnetFields (£92)


18 Mar 2011

All the luck in the world...

Interior Inspirations: All The Luck In The World
The absolutely gorgeous All The Luck In The World represents the work of Jane, an artist and graphic designer based in the Netherlands who loves to combine found and thrifted articles with her unique personal touch. If you like what you see here, make sure you check out her beautiful blog for some more dreamy pictures of her inspiring home and creations. I love it - especially how she infuses her work with positivity by including the plus/cross symbol.
All of these images are now safely filed in my "home inspiration" folder :)  

17 Mar 2011

Seconds, minutes, hours...

Tick Tock: Quirky Clocks

1: Counting Bunny Clock - Decoy Lab (£19)
2: Lasercut Forest Clock - Bonni1982
3: Karlsson Passe Partout Display Frame Clock - Dutch by Design (£45)
4: Habitat Okko Bird Alarm Clock -  Habitat (£14 - Sale Price!)
5: Owl Wall Clock Black by George Nelson – Heals (£80)
6: Vintage 'Witch House' Clock - Clockwork Universe (£28)


16 Mar 2011

Heidi Burton...

Illustration & Prints: Heidi Burton
1: A Little Nonsense print (£23)
2: Out of the Box print (£7.50)
3: Smile When It's Raining print (£8)

I absolutely love Heidi Burton's illustrative style, her character have such a child-like quality to them. These are three of my favourite prints from her etsy shop, be sure you pay it a visit for more prints, original artwork and some very cute and quriky mugs and egg cups! I couldn't resist snapping up a print of "Out of the Box" ... I love the girl's menacing, mischievious expression!


15 Mar 2011

The open road...

 Passing my driving test
I passed my driving test today! Woohoo! I can't wait to get out there and explore and most importantly, embrace the freedom this gives me! Learning to drive and passing the test has been a long slog for me, so I am so happy and it's such a relief to have passed! Straight away I'm making mixtapes to go in my car (my car... who'd have thought!), from chilled out tunes to songs with a great rhythm for the open road.
Which brings me to this...
Driving + freedom + feeling pretty kick ass = this music video:

What songs or albums do you find perfect to drive to?


12 Mar 2011

Top tea towels...

Homewear: Tiptop Tea Towels
1: Naughty but Nice – Charlotte Farmer (here)
2: Mermaid tea towel – Lucie Sheridan (here)
3: Corgi Royal Wedding - Gemma Correll (here)
4: Doves - Sara Berner (here)
5: Storm in a Tea Cup - Hello Wilson (here)
6: The Pantry - Louise Fougstedt (here
7: Tea Rex - Jay Jay Burridge (here)
8: London Calling - Michelle Mason (here)
9: Use My Beehive - Donna Wilson (here)

What's the most common owl? The teat'owl (geddit? the teat-owl...tea towel...ah, hope you re-enforced your sides before you read that or they might have split.) For lovers of quirky tea towels, To Dry For - another web shop with an amazing name - should be right up your street. Most of the above can be found there, but check individual links for more info.


11 Mar 2011

Tea with the animals...

Print and Paper: Tea with the animals
1: Billy the Cat - Custom Pet Portraits from DogDream (£41)
2: I Was Thinking of the Sea - Print by LauraAmis (£10)
3: Painted Bunting with Teacup - Print by BeeThings (£15)
4: Rupert Visiting His Family in Bavaria – Print by Matteart (£28.56)
5: A Great Way to Enjoy Tea - Print from Handz (£12)


10 Mar 2011

Very vintage...

Wardrobe: Vintage Dresses from the 1950s
1: 1950s sunshine yellow watercolour dress
2: 1950s marigold Hawaiian fitted dress
3: 1950s green watercolour floral dress
4: 1950s sapphire blue starlet dress
5: 1950s Suzy Perette metallic-gold and black dress
6: 1950s black flocked floral dress

All of these stunning vintage dresses come from Timeless Vixen Vintage and can be picked up for a couple of hundred pounds - not bad for a true piece of fashion history considering how much you would pay for a modern designer item heavilly inspired by these kinds of figure-flattering dresses!
What do you think think of these dresses? Do you love to wear true-vintage? I'd love to know!


9 Mar 2011

Music picks ...

Track: I'll Take Care of U
Album: We're New Here - Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie XX (the remix album)
I can't get enough of this track today. What do you think of it?
You can listen to all 13 tracks from Gil Scott Heron's comeback album, remixed by the man behind the XX's sound, by clicking here.


8 Mar 2011

Chandelier ears...

 Jewellery: Statement Earrings
1: Mawi, gold plated embellished drop earrings (Net-a-Porter £230) 
2: Mini Casablanca Crest Earrings - (Accessorize £6)
3: Roberto Cavalli, gold-plated Swarovski crystal earrings (Net-a-Porter £440)
4: Bijoux Heart, Ce Soir 24-karat gold-plated amethyst earrings (Net-a-Porter £320)
5: Turquoise and purple stone chandeliers (Tallulah Tu £16)
6: Pearl chandelier earrings (Dorothy Perkins £9.50)
7: Dyrberg Kern Vipasha earrings in white jade (Accessorise Online £78.95)
8: Stone chandelier with feather (Diva for Miss Selfridge £16.50)
9: Libertine, silver chandelier drop earring with onyx bead (Jeremy Hoye £165)

On occassion, I've tried to find some highstreet earrings similar to the high-end ones (Mawi/Accessorize, Bijouz Heart/Tallulah Tu). Hope that's useful in some way :)

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