21 Feb 2011

Who's who?

 Costume Study: Doctor Who
I was lucky enough to get a sneak preview of London's new Doctor Who Experience before it opened its doors to the public so took the oportunity to get up close with some of the TV programme's iconic costumes. From simple beginnings whilst the show found it's feet, to flamboyant designs as fashions changed, right back to stipped back and functional - The Doctor's look has changed dramatically over the years. See what you think...
 Above: William Hartnell (1963-1966) and Patrick Troughton (1966-1969)
 Above: Jon Pertwee (1970-1974)
 Above: Tom Baker (1974-1981)
 Above: Peter Davidson (1981-1984) - where is the celery?!
 Above: Colin Baker (1984-1986)
 Above: Sylvester McCoy (1987-1989 & 1996)
 Above: Paul McGann (1996) and Christopher Eccleston (2005)
Above: David Tennant (2005-2010)

It was so great to see these costumes up close as these characters have meant so much to children of all ages over the years. Seeing them in detail was a brilliant experience. I particularly love the flying duck brooches on Tom Baker's incredibly iconic costume!
Personally, I will always have a soft spot for Sylvestor McCoy's Doctor as it's the one I remember most from my childhood (my big brother even had a homemade jumper just like McCoy's knitted by our Grandma. Sweet.)


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