23 Feb 2011

Such a doll...

 Jewellery: Servane Gaxotte
 I don't know about you, but the term "doll pendant", usually rings the jewellery death knell for me as those two words, put together, conjure images of those horrific and tacky Argos-family-jewels clown/doll pendants… but Servane Gaxotte’s collection might just be the one to break that curse!
A young Parisian costume jewellery designer, Servane Gaxotte launched her brand in 1996 and the doll pendant collection in 2002 after imagining an articulated doll, Rose, dressed and lovingly accessorized, to be worn hanging from a chain.
Over time the doll collection has expanded and, as well as the sweet and chic Rose doll, jewellery lovers can also adorn themselves with beautifully dressed little animal dolls (cats, squirrels, monkeys and the most stylish little pigs since Miss Piggy). Pendant sizes range from 3cm to a hefty 19cm!
Each piece is so adorable but with a refined, rock chic edge making them wearable, statement pieces rather than just gimmicky items. I love the tiny knitted jumpers, the little skirts and tutus, the furry gillets... Yum!
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  1. These are so sweet!

    Commenting is working now :)

  2. IKR... they are beautiful! Shame they cost a small fortune. x


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