24 Feb 2011

Secret Diary...

Style Crush: Billie Piper as Belle du Jour 
I'm not one to take style inspiration from a high class call girl (or any other kind of call girl for that matter), but whilst absentmindedly watching adverts between TV shows last week I spotted a dress in the Secret Diary of a Call Girl trailer that got my fashion taste buds all a tingle!  Intrigued, I watched the episode in question and fell in love with the look pictured above. For some reason this past season or two I have been head over heels with smudge print clothing so this dress was right up my street - I also love how the stylists for the show have teamed it with a skinny Reiss belt to give the dress some shape on Billie, and the gold necklace dripping from her neck complements the outfit perfectly. LOVE!
So who is this amazing dress by? A little internet sleuthing told me it is a creation by  Otswald Helgason - a German-Icelandic design duo known for their architectural silhouettes and euphoric kaleidoscopic prints. 
Clearer images of the dress:
I can't find the dress for sale anywhere so it must be a few seasons old, however Otswald Helgason do sell through ASOS so if you like what you see here then keep an eye out there for their newer designs.  
As for me, I plan to recreate this look on a budget that suits me! Last summer I bought a gorgeous smokey-purple/pink/grey//teal smudge print dress from Vero Moda that's similar enough to this Otswald Helgarson piece. I had been wearing it sans-jewellery but think I’ll now try teaming it with an gold dripping web necklace I have, black tights and some amazing heels and voila! DONE!
Have any TV outfits caught your eye recently? Do you find yourself watching Secret Diary and lusting after call-girl-couture? Let me know :)


  1. Arghhh, love this dress! I need to pay more attention to TV ads!


  2. It's gorgeous isn't it!:) TV ads FTW! Haha x

  3. I loved this dress!!

    Actually, I'm dying to know where this dress is from- http://img830.imageshack.us/img830/2482/vlcsnap2011030822h16m05.png

    Any clue?

  4. Hmm, sorry no idea! The "Secret Diary Style" website is where I read up on the dress I blogged about but your dress doesn't seem to feature:


  5. Hey, I love your blog and fashion eye! Do you know by any chance know who made the grey flowing dress Belle wore in season 4 episode 5 when she has the movie show-casing of her book? I'm dying to get one!


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