9 Feb 2011

Arriving in the Labyrinth . . .

Lily in the Labyrinth is run by Claire, a published writer and journalist from the south coast of England attempting to make life that tiny bit more magical.
A little about the girl...
I currently work full time as assistant editor of a magazine about all the backstage elements of theatre and touring, and have always had a love of all things creative. Having studied fine art, design and art history over the years as well as achieving a degree in writing, my eye has always been caught by beautifully crafted items of jewellery, literature, clothing, homeware and art – from illustration and typography to sketchbooks and photography – I just can’t get enough of it!
I’ve started this blog mainly to support my up-and-coming etsy shop (which will launch very soon), but also to share my finds, creations and inspirations with anyone who stumbles across the labyrinth and fancies getting lost here for a while with me. Expect posts on necklaces I can’t live without, lyrics that ignited my imagination, scanned pages from my moleskine journals and updates on new products headed for the Lily in the Labyrinth shop.
I previously ran the Shoegazer blog, and it was a great place to find my feet in the blogging world but now with Lily in the Labyrinth I feel I can put everything I've learnt to better use and maintain a more cohesive blog. I may still update Shoegazer with less structured post so do check back there from time to time if you can. I’d love to hear your thoughts on everything I post here on the Lily in the Labyrinth blog so please don’t be a stranger – leave as many comments as you like! (And don’t forget to hit that “follow” button on the blog to show some love - that would be really kind of you.)
I hope you enjoy this blog and I look forward to the journey we’ll have as we venture through the labyrinth.


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